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Corporate Social Responsibility

At LMI Translations, we believe that all businesses share a responsibility to look after their staff and contribute to their community wherever possible. We are no different.

Our employees are our biggest and most important asset. They are the engine that drives our success. That’s why LMI Translations supports its staff members, helping them enjoy the highest standards of healthcare, education and family support.

  • All employees receive comprehensive medical insurance coverage, the best way to manage the stress and financial burdens associated with hospitalization or illness.
  • Our work schedules are easily customisable, which allows employees to attend university or other courses. Our staff also receive free Russian language training, better equipping them for working life alongside Russian-speaking clients and colleagues.
  • Our employees receive paid time off whenever necessary and possible. In accordance with Latvian law, we also provide maternity and paternity leave.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Call it Karma, call it divine justice or any other phrase you prefer – we believe in it. That’s why LMI Translations treats its vendors just as we would our in-house employees and customers; with professionalism, respect and positivity. We provide training and support for freelancers looking to work with CAT tools, and we also keep all our vendors up-to-date with news of useful training events, such as webinars and conferences. All the invoices we receive are paid on time and all enquiries receive a reply.

LMI Translations has always sought to make a positive difference in the community by providing services and financial contributions to hardworking charitable groups. Palidzesim.lv helps less fortunate individuals and families in Latvia, and local and international businesses respond in kind by offering free services to the group. LMI Translations plays its part by providing free translations and other services upon request. We also donate money to other deserving organizations and causes.

LMI Translations has periodically put one cent per translated page aside to make a number of donations to local nurseries and schools over the years, helping to improve the living standards of young children in Riga. Over the course of the Green Project in 2013, 0.03 Latvian Lats from each translated page went toward the purchase of a swing set and slide for Dzimtmisa Elementary. In recent years, LMI has also funded a number of Christmas and Easter gifts for the Rūķītis kindergarten. We have purchased new mattresses for the children’s beds, many of which had previously been used for over 30 years. We have also gifted new toys, sleds, art supplies and sports equipment for playtime. We make all our donations in the hope that we can bring a small amount of joy to local children, as well as help underfunded yet hardworking institutions.

LMI Translations is committed to environmental responsibility and we have taken a number of measures to reduce our carbon footprint. Our staff recycle all paper resources and employees are instructed to limit the use of electricity as much as possible. In the LMI Translations office, only the computers and printers that are in active use are switched on. All other devices and lights are switched off to save power and unnecessary environmental waste.

The wider translation industry has become much greener over the last decade, as almost all work is conducted electronically, producing very little industrial waste. We take these excellent standards one step further by limiting the volume of documents we print. For example, our contracts with vendors and clients are largely kept digital. We also control the amount of industrial waste we produce by selling or giving away old hardware rather than wasting them at municipal dumps.

LMI Translations always tries to promote a healthy lifestyle for its employees. We encourage our staff to cycle to work by providing a secure bicycle parking station in front of the office. Our private shower/changing room facilities also encourage and enable sport and active leisure activities. Going on bike rides, playing volleyball, competing on the challenging obstacle course at Mežaparks – these are just some of the fun activities we all take part in during our periodic team building exercises and company events.