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LMI Translations launch a long-term charity fund

With only a few days left before Christmas, LMI Translations continues its on-going tradition of doing good deeds and bringing joy to those around them. In the previous years, the translation agency bought gifts for the children at Rūķītis kindergarten, including educational toys, games and matrasses for children’s beds, and also bought and installed a swing set and slide for the pupils of Dzimtmisa Elementary.

We know that helping others and bringing joy does not require a particular season or a holiday. It can be done the whole year round! That is why this year LMI Translations has launched a long-term charity fund, which will receive EUR 0.02 for every page the agency translates. The money will be later used as needed to fund various charity projects.

Visitors of lmi.lv will be able to monitor the accrued amount in a special section of the website, which will be launched in early 2018.

We wish you a warm and happy Christmas!