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LMI Translations optimises operations and adopts translation management software XTRF

As of January 2019, LMI Translations are proud partners of XTRF - a company providing cutting-edge translation management software. Making the move from a continuously self-developed translation management system (TMS) to XTRF's highly-customisable smart-workflow-centred platform saves LMI Translations years of time and resources it would spend on research and development of its own system. The new system will also enable LMI Translations to elevate its day-to-day operations to new heights - to the point where our project managers will be able to spend little-to-no time on repetitive, mundane project management tasks and really focus on providing the best possible service to our valued customers.

A few points that convinced us to adopt the XTRF TMS:

  • Fully customisable workflows - the ability to automate even complex projects means we can cut down otherwise continuous administration costs once a workflow is established;
  • Powerful reporting tools, which eliminate the need for other external tools we were using in conjunction with our custom TMS;
  • CAT integration - the ability to automate Trados Studio project creation, analysis, pre-translation and other previously manual processes further cuts turnover time;
  • Efficient and easy-to-manage handling of multi-language projects, which will further solidify LMI Translations' important role as the main provider of Baltic- and Nordic-language services for numerous businesses;
  • Full-featured vendor portal, which lets us keep a transparent and effective cooperation with our translators, revisers, interpreters and other members of the LMI Translations team;
  • Reliable technical support from XTRF - in case there are any problems, we can rest assured knowing that they will be addressed and solved within the shortest time possible;
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use customer portal available for customers relying on around-the-clock availability - this lets our existing customers upload straight-forward translation tasks even when LMI Translations' business hours are over ensuring that, once we are back, we can get to work straight away.

LMI Translations is confident that, by moving to the XTRF TMS, the company will be able to provide its customers with an even higher standard of translation quality and customer service.

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