Guided Tours

Our home town of Riga is one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe, an enchanting mix of fairy-tale buildings, medieval streets and modern, regal boulevards. Those looking to visit a city with such historical, cultural and architectural significance would do well to employ the help of a local who can take visitors beyond the tourist façade to the town’s heart and roots. LMI Translations is proud to offer guided tours that combine knowledgeable local experience with strong language skills that cater for tourists of all backgrounds.

Our guided tour service features 50 experienced and qualified guides working in 15 languages. Our friendly and fun tours can take you on one of 13 fascinating routes around Latvia’s capital, Riga, or several other breath-taking locations around the country. Our linguistic experience and knowledge means that you will be fully and memorably introduced to Latvia’s unique historical and cultural heritage, the perfect accompaniment to any private or business trip to the Baltic region.

As is typical of our services in general, our flexibility and customer-focused outlook means that we are happy to adapt to the specific needs of our clients. Custom routes are available upon request and our schedules and pacing can be adapted to fit the trip you have in mind.

If you want to know more about our guided tours, email us at [email protected]

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