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Certified & Notarised Translation

If you have to submit a translated document to an official legal or governmental body, you may be required to certify the authenticity of the translation. The legal services provided by LMI Translations help to take the stress and hassle out of such procedures. We offer translation services for legal texts as well as various legal services – these include certifying the translation with the translator’s signature and our company’s stamp, offering notary certification with the translator’s signature, and document apostilization (legalization).

We are a known and trusted partner of several notaries in Riga, meaning that signed legal authentication of our work is easily granted and obtained. We can also help you to get an Apostille for your document at the Consular Department of Latvia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Moreover, thanks to changes in the provision of legalization services at the Consular Department, we can arrange this service within a few hours.

Unsure of whether you need your translated documents notarised or legalised and whether it is possible? Do not worry – our project managers will be glad to tell you about the methods of certification, what information the notaries and the department need, and the best and quickest way to coordinate the process. The legal services provided by LMI Translations make processes like these as simple and convenient as possible – we even use courier services to deliver documents to our offices and back to you, making it possible to get the necessary translations certified by a notary without you ever leaving your office.

We can also provide alternatives when clients require certified translations but are not obliged to follow the route of legal notarisation or notary certification. Upon request, we can attach a translator’s certification (complete with our company’s stamp and translator’s signature confirming that the translation is correct) along with the finished files. In many cases, this form of certification can satisfy national legal requirements in the quickest and easiest way possible, saving you money and hassle.

Regardless of whether you need a simple translation of academic certificates with a translator's signature or a translation certified by a notary or with an Apostille, the LMI Translations team is here to help you. Ask your project manager about the details or specify the type of certification you need by writing to [email protected].