Legal Services

If you aim to submit your translated project to an official legal or governmental body, you may be required to provide legally authenticated translations. Here at LMI Translations, we are able to take the stress and hassle out of notarisation and legalisation procedures. We are a known and trusted partner of several notaries in Riga, meaning that signed legal authentication of our work is easily granted and obtained. All our documents can be legalised by the Consular Department of Latvia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Unsure of whether you need your translated documents notarised or legalised? Don’t worry – our expert staff know which documents can be legalised and how, what information the notaries and the department need, and the best and quickest way to coordinate the process.

We can also provide alternatives when clients require certified translations but are not obliged to follow the route of legal notarisation. Upon request, we can attach a translator’s certification (complete with our company’s seal and your translator’s signature) along with the finished files. In many cases, this form of certification can satisfy national legal requirements in the quickest and easiest way possible, saving you money and hassle.