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Desktop Publishing

What is desktop publishing? Documents tend to vary in terms of their presentation and the complexity of their design. In addition, they are not always available in an editable format. In such cases, desktop publishing the translation (preparing the document in accordance with the source design or adapting it for a new application) can present various difficulties, assuming that the client does not have in-house layout designers who can professionally handle the particular file format. At LMI Translations, we use our expertise to help clients overcome a number of challenges that arise during the translation process, including those related to layout, graphics, style templates, and fonts.

LMI Translations offers specialized desktop processing services both before and after the actual process of translation. Our experienced staff can carefully extract the relevant translatable text from a wide range of formats, and then reintroduce the translated text back into the original, all while preserving the style and presentation quality of the document. Our DTP expertise ensures that your content, format and visual identity is maintained and presented perfectly, and all in the language that you want.

The formats we support include everything from simple .docx (Word), .xlsx (Excel) and .pdf documents to .fm (FrameMaker), .vdx (Visio), .indd and .idml (InDesign), .xliff, .html, custom .xml, .dwg and many others.

Sometimes our clients only have their documents available as images, while the final translation must be a fully functional online brochure – even in these cases, we can offer our help. Our experienced layout designers will use their impressive desktop publishing skills to create a document that is identical to the source material, which you can then safely use for the intended purpose.

For those clients looking to create high quality documents from scratch, LMI Translations can design and create print-ready brochures, books, leaflets and other materials. The materials are custom-made according to the client’s requirements so that they can reach the target audience most effectively.

Our commitment to our clients and our desire to help them is at the heart of all that we do. That is why you do not have to worry if, once the work is already finished, you choose to change something in the layout – our team will help to implement the necessary changes with a smile and a friendly attitude, all whilst paying focused attention to the quality of the final result.

If you are wondering as to whether desktop publishing is required for your next project, feel free to ask your project manager about this. LMI Translations will be happy to find the right solution for you.