Desktop Publishing

Many translation projects require some familiarity with desktop publishing, as translatable documents come in a variety of forms and formats. At LMI Translations, we use our expertise to help clients overcome a number of challenges that arise during the translation process, including those related to layout, graphics, style templates, and fonts.

LMI Translations offers specialized desktop processing services both before and after the actual process of translation. Our experienced staff can carefully extract the relevant translatable text from a wide range of formats (including design-heavy PDFs, Visio documents and other specialised formats), and then reintroduce the translated text back into the original, all while preserving the style and presentation quality of the document. Our DTP expertise ensures that your content, format and visual identity is maintained and presented perfectly, and all in the language that you want.

The formats we support include everything from simple .docx, .xlsx and .pdf documents to .fm, .vdx, .indd, .xliff, .html, custom .xml, .dwg and many others.

For those clients looking to create high quality documents from scratch, LMI Translations can design and create print-ready brochures, books, leaflets and other materials. Our finished products are designed to be appropriate for the target language and style required by the client, and can be an effective solution for those looking to create visually attractive documents in multiple languages.