Machine Translation Post-Editing

Aimed at companies producing hundreds of pages of uniform and repetitive content for global use, LMI Translations provides comprehensive and scalable Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) services.

Using Machine Translation (MT) as a sole solution is currently impractical as the output produced by most MT engines (generic or subject-specific) is not of a high enough quality to use without additional human editing. This is where the MTPE services provided by LMI Translations come in. Our experienced linguists edit the MT output in their native language, correcting any mistakes and inaccuracies that the engine’s algorithm might have introduced, and produce a completely readable final translation. As correcting MT output takes less time than traditional translation, post-editing certain types of text costs less than translating them, even taking into account the cost of using the MT engine. To put it simply, intelligent use of MTPE produces good quality content at a fraction of the cost and time required for traditional translation processes.

Here at LMI Translations we aim to give our clients the full package. In combination with the other industry-standard solutions we employ, such as the use of translation memories (TM), computer-aided translation (CAT) tools and terminology management, our MTPE service is a game-changing innovation for any business needing to produce high-quality multilingual content swiftly and within budget.