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Translation is an integral part of the daily operations of all competitive companies, even in cases where the company only offers its goods or services domestically. It is no secret that consumers are more confident in goods and services that speak their language, both figuratively and literally. By working with LMI Translations and investing in high-quality and professional translations, our clients actually invest in the ability of their company to reach and maintain an ever-wider range of customers.

At LMI Translations, we offer our clients a fast, professional, and personalized translation service that flexibly caters for a wide range of business needs. Our commitment to our clients and wish to help them is at the heart of all that we do; those working with LMI Translations can expect lightning-fast response times, friendly and approachable customer service, and a professional approach to finding the right solutions. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our services that we offer a lifetime warranty for all translations. This means that, in the opinion of LMI Translations, a project is completed only when the client is fully satisfied with the result.

LMI Translations:

  • cooperates with more than 950 qualified and experienced linguists,
  • provides translation services in 63 languages (over 200 combinations),
  • specializes in translating specialist texts from various technology and electronics sectors, as well as medical, financial, and legal texts,
  • language service providers often have acquired education in two different fields – for example, if your project requires a professional translator with a background in legal education, we will find him or her for you,
  • works in accordance with global translations standards,
  • offers a life-time warranty for every translation.

LMI Translations aims to provide a reliable and accurate service, and thus ensures that every translation is carried out under the stringent terms of the ISO 17100:2015 standard (which was created specifically for the translation industry). Every translation is carried out by a qualified, language service provider, and each client is paired with a translator who has significant expertise on the subject at hand.

One of the main quality criteria for translation and localization projects is the consistency of the text, both at the level of sentences and phrases and at the level of terms. This can be achieved thanks to the latest Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) and Translation Memory (TM) tools that our in-house and freelance employees use to manage client-specific translation memories and terminology databases, helping us to translate the client’s material into the required languages as accurately as possible. What are the benefits of this? Consistent translations, higher savings at the expense of repetitions and fewer headaches for the client.