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Terminology Management

“App” or “application”? “Contract” or “agreement”? “Motor” or “engine”? Which term sounds like you?

The terminology you use reflects your brand identity just as much as your customer service policy, the quality of your goods or services, or whatever else makes you unique. Once your company’s terminology is organized, you can create content for your social network profiles, marketing texts, and technical documentation with more confidence and delegate these tasks to a wider team of specialists.

LMI Translations offers its clients terminology extraction optionally as a free add-on service for each project. Using state-of-the-art language technology solutions, we create a list of the most common and relevant terms in the text, find their equivalent in the target language or languages, and offer the client to review the list. Depending on your needs, this can be a tool for ensuring higher quality for a single project or can serve as the beginning or an addition to your company’s terminology database, which will benefit you for years to come. We offer a lifetime warranty for our translations and focus on sustainable solutions. With Terminology Management, we can take those efforts to the next level.