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About Us - LMI Translations

Our translation company, LMI Translations, was founded in Latvia in 2005 to provide sustainable and personalised translation and localisation services. We help our clients – companies, organisations, and individuals – to reach their target audiences in a language they understand by providing high-quality translation, localisation and interpreting services in a friendly and professional way. We are made up of fluent and experienced communicators who are able to deliver results whilst working person-to-person, business-to-business and culture-to-culture. Our aim is always to provide accurate, high-quality and fast solutions for our valued clients.

Our abbreviation stands for Language Master International, which has naturally evolved into LMI Translations. However, our original name still best describes what we are all about. All our staff members and freelancers are masters and experts in language, ensuring that our work is consistently accurate and quickly produced.

As an international business, a translation company like LMI Translations is also used to working with and catering for a wide variety of global clients on a foundation of mutual trust and professional friendliness. We work in over 63 languages in over 200 combinations, and maintain a degree of flexibility and adaptability when dealing with the varying demands of different clients and industries.

LMI Translations is able to take on a wide variety of projects; however, the bulk of our experience is within the following fields:

  • technology, engineering and consumer electronics,
  • life sciences,
  • software and game localisation,
  • legal and financial documentation.

Every one of these sectors requires highly accurate translations of professional and technical terminology in order to remain clear and useful across languages. Hundreds of technological, legal and scientific institutions and businesses put their trust in us, since LMI Translations has the experience and know-how necessary to do the job properly, quickly and professionally.

LMI Translations is best characterised by the level of care we have for our clients and our approach to finding the best solutions for them. By contacting us, you know you will always be looked after by a careful, friendly, and forthcoming team that cares about you and your linguistic needs. Of course, LMI Translations also cares about having a positive impact on our environment and society, and remains an excellent and attractive employer in the local area. Indeed, we are a company that will always work at the highest levels of quality and communication.