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At LMI Translations, our Quality Policy is at the heart of our aim to provide clients with high-quality language solutions and excellent levels of service. In all that we do, we keep our mission in mind: to ensure that our clients’ businesses develop and perform perfectly in any market that they choose to be a part of.

Every LMI Translations employee is committed to the company’s quality policy and regularly receives the training necessary for maintaining a high level of performance at work.

LMI Translations’ management is committed to providing a safe, pleasant and motivating working environment and good working conditions for employees. Our management team always aims to promote our employees’ professional development.

The fundamental values of the LMI Translations Quality Policy:

  1. To render high quality translation and language-related services
  2. To set excellent customer service standards and make them the top priority for the company
  3. To meet and exceed clients’ requirements and expectations as much as possible
  4. To ensure that all assignments are delivered in a timely manner and that every client’s data is kept confidential

LMI Translations and its management team is committed to continuously seeking opportunities to improve the level of customer service and enhance the quality of rendered services.

The efficiency of LMI Translations’ Quality Management System is maintained and steadily improved thanks to the input of the entire LMI Translations team.

As part of our commitment to providing services at the highest level of quality possible, LMI Translations guarantees the following:

  • All translators are tested and evaluated before being trusted with actual work. The linguist’s experience, education and overall ability to adapt to translation projects are just a few of the aspects we take into consideration before selecting the very best.
  • Every translation is carried out by a qualified, native speaker of the target language, and each client is paired with a translator who has significant expertise on the subject at hand.
  • Translations are carried out under the stringent terms of the ISO 17100:2015 standard.
  • Our project managers and translators are experts in the most up-to-date Computer-Aided Translation and Translation Memory tools, helping us ensure greater consistency not only across a single text, but also between all of the client’s projects.
  • All translations are checked using industry-standard Quality Assurance software — Apsic Xbench — to limit the instance of inconsistencies and human errors as much as possible (if required, we also support QA Distiller, Verifika and other tools).
  • LMI Translations Project Managers have access to a custom-built Translation Management System, which allows them to track every aspect of our projects, present and past, to make sure that quality assurance procedures are performed consistently and thoroughly.
  • Our linguists’ work is evaluated after every project and is monitored over time, to make sure that the quality of their output remains high.
  • Any translation work carried out by LMI Translations is covered under our life-time warranty, which means that, in the unlikely event that faults are found in your translation, we will fix them immediately and at no extra charge.

“LMI Translations” is certified and provides translation services in accordance with the comprehensive ISO 17100:2015 quality standard. In contrast with ISO 9001, this standard was designed for the translation and localisation industry specifically and is tied closely to all translation processes. Its main purpose is to boost and maintain a higher level of quality and client service. The standard strictly regulates the way we handle translation projects (starting from our initial contact with the client all the way to post-production), and lays down stringent qualification and experience requirements for our vendors.

Receiving the certificate was the culmination of years of determined and diligent work and improvement. Furthermore, our certified compliance with ISO 17100:2015 clearly illustrates our passion for helping our clients, proving that “LMI Translations” provides truly sustainable and customised solutions.

The company was evaluated and awarded the certificate by “Inspecta Latvia”.

Kiwa certificate