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Our commitment to the environment

As an environmentally conscious business, we make every effort to ensure that our work remains sustainable. We have reduced our carbon footprint by working electronically, thereby reducing paper waste and eliminating all forms of industrial waste. We also regulate the way we use our electrical resources (such as lights, printers, and computers) as much as possible, by ensuring that only the devices we need are switched on and that all others are switched off when not in use. LMI Translations is also committed to green policies and recycling, and avoids waste by selling or donating old electrical and office hardware instead of throwing them away.

Our commitment to quality

Every translation carried out by LMI is covered under our life-time warranty. In the unlikely event that faults are found in your translation, we will fix them immediately and at no extra charge. We know that our uncompromising integrity will ensure that our high quality standards are sustainable and maintainable. More importantly, our clients will never be left unsatisfied.

Our commitment to you

We provide a sustainable language solution to every one of our clients. Each client, whether a large corporation or a private individual, gets the works.

Every client receives a custom solution, including an individual translation memory and term database. We record and store repeat words or phrases and match them with the correct translation, ensuring consistency and higher quality over time. This approach can also save you money; the more you translate with us, the more convenient and cost-friendly the process becomes. As an already cost-effective solution, LMI Translations can thus be a valuable investment for any organisation or individual requiring frequent translations.

Our information management extends beyond the translations themselves. We store and update your preferences in our database to ensure that all of our employees know how to work with and for you. Your individual requirements, your invoicing system, the vendors your prefer, the language resources you like to use – it’s all there, up-to-date and personalised, ensuring that you spend less time arranging translations and enjoy better results that last for longer.