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We are very satisfied with the work of „LMI Translations”. This company works on a superior level and provides high-quality translations tailored to our requirements. Special thanks go out to LMI’s impressively responsive project management team.

The main things we are pleased with are the friendly and kind attitude, the quality of translations, as well as the effectivity and speed of your translation process.

On behalf of the International law firm Lawerton, I would like to thank you for our successful cooperation. Translation company „LMI Translations” always meets our deadlines, and often the translation is submitted earlier than specified in the offer, thus speeding up our own work. We are also glad that „LMI Translations” cooperates with a Sworn Notary and we are provided with a Sworn Notary certification when needed. Thank you very much for the cooperation, and we hope that it will continue to be as successful as it is now!

Oh, my, what amazing speed! I just opened the file, and everything is great. Thank you so much, we will definitely be working with you again in the future.

Thank you very much! I have already begun recommending you to our partners :) I am really happy about the result of your work, and we will certainly continue working with you.

Thank you very much for finishing the job so quickly. I have probably said this before, but I am very glad to cooperate with you.

On a day-to-day basis, there often are situations where our company needs translations promptly, plus their quality must be on a consistently high level. „LMI Translations” provides our company with accurate translations of high quality that are finished within the agreed deadlines. We are completely satisfied with the quality of the services and the level of customer service received, and we will continue to cooperate with „LMI Translations” in the future.

We are completely satisfied with the work of „LMI Translations”. The deadlines are always met, the staff is welcoming and professional, while the translation quality is high.

We have been cooperating with „LMI Translations” for a short time, but we are already convinced of the quality „LMI” stands for and their ability to always meet deadlines.

Once again, I would like to thank you and your team for your work. I understand that the task was not an easy one, therefore I am glad that UPB has established a successful cooperation with your company.