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Main Specialisations

Tech, Engineering & Consumer Electronics

The technology, engineering and consumer electronic fields are some of the fastest growing sectors in the world. They are also amongst those most desperate for translation services. As important and ground-breaking technological breakthroughs are increasingly made across the world, there is a growing demand for accurate translations of the relevant technical information and specifications. However, the precise and opaque nature of this information poses a key problem; tech companies and innovators must often trust that their translators are experienced and professional enough to convey the information accurately.

LMI Translations has vast experience in translating technical manuals and specifications, working drawings, specialised publicity materials and marketing texts made for the consumer electronics and tech industries. For over 10 years, we have covered documents designed for relatively simple devices like headphones, smartphones and other home appliances, through to complex materials covering construction, agricultural and manufacturing processes.

Through it all, we can help clients utilise our own technical wizardry in Computer-aided Translation and Translation Memory applications to ensure that technical terms are translated identically and consistently throughout long projects. Advantages like these not only guarantee greater accuracy in projects that demand it, but can save money for longer-term clients. LMI Translations can offer the technical expertise to ensure that tech translation projects run as smooth as possible. Trust us, we’re (translation) engineers!


Life Sciences

Life sciences involve subjects concerned with the study of living organisms, and the documents that cover the subject are typically characterised by specialised and technical language. Despite its unfamiliar terminology, the content of life sciences texts affect us all; typical subject matters often include medical or pharmacological information that could save and enrich lives around the world. The grave importance of this information means that translations must be absolutely accurate. Errors made during the process of translating life sciences papers could endanger lives, delay scientific process or cost valuable research institutions the money they need to carry on their great work.

This is why researchers and medical institutions should continue to trust reputable and experienced translation companies like LMI Translations when looking to spread their discoveries and breakthroughs across the world. We have many years of experience translating important scientific documents, particularly those related to physiology, pharmacy and other life science fields. In the past, we have covered complex MRI systems, journal-ready medical and pharmacological studies, and simpler texts covering hygiene and overall health advice. 

In a field as important as life sciences, inaccurate or incomplete translations can devalue a vitally important piece of work. When hiring the very best people for your scientific research project or technical document, make sure your search includes finding the most accurate and professional translators available. 


Software and Game Localisation

“All your base are belong to us” – although poorly phrased dialogue is amusing and memorable, it is a poor reflection on the quality of otherwise excellent games and cutting-edge software solutions. Accurate localisations and translations are thus a vitally important means of ensuring that games are enjoyable for players and that software is straightforward and clearly directed for users. 

Very few modern games or software packages are designed for use in one language. The video game industry is one of the largest and most global entertainment markets in the world. Games that are designed and made in the Far East will likely be played as far afield as Europe, the USA and Latin America. Software packages are also typically disseminated over the Internet and across international markets; localisation is an important means of safeguarding their commercial viability.

LMI Translations is an experienced tech, software and video game localiser and translator. We are familiar with the industries themselves, and have the knowledge and experience necessary to know how to communicate key concepts in a way that consumers or experts will understand. Our utilisation of Translation Memory and CAT tools means that we can ensure consistency and accuracy across the project, and our track-record of high quality work means we can deliver results at speed. Every base will be covered by us!