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Translation services

LMI Translations provides sustainable and personalized translation services with a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. We are a Latvia-based company with high standards in terms of work quality and customer service, and we have been operating in the industry both in Latvia and abroad since 2005.

Our services have been designed to cover as many of our clients’ needs as possible – we are a one-stop shop when it comes to the translation and preparation of written materials. LMI Translations provides both translation and machine translation post-editing, as well as services that can create layouts for a variety of documents. If you want to create any type of document, and especially if you want it in several language(s), we are what you are looking for. In addition, our translations are developed in accordance with the ISO 17100:2015 global standard.

If you know that you need translation services, but you are not familiar with this process and are not sure how can we help you, reach out to our friendly and well-informed project managers or check the Translation, Desktop Publishing, and Machine Translation Post-Editing sections of this website.

LMI Translations also provides legal services – if you need a translation certified by a notary, doing it through us is the simplest solution. By ordering a translation with a notarial certification, you will not only receive a professionally translated document that meets the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Latvia, but will also save time, as such orders can be ordered and completed electronically. Even the delivery of documents (to our office and back to you) can be arranged with the help of reliable courier services. For more details about legal translations and different certifications, please write to [email protected] or call +371 67275623.

Our clients know that they can entrust us not only with their translation needs but also with their interpreting needs. We will also help you if you are looking to arrange a high-class, entertaining and educational guided tour for your partners or clients in Riga or another beautiful location in Latvia.

Who better to ask about the quality of our translation services and the benefits of cooperating with us than our clients? To read what clients had to say, go to Testimonials.