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Love, move, include

LMI Translations contribution initiative

LMI has always been a company with a heart

Since 2005, when we delivered our first translation to a company preparing healing herbal potions and mixtures to help people in need, we have adopted a similar pattern of thought.

We value our vision of connecting not only businesses to their customers and partners but also our core mission of connecting people to people and heart to heart.

Over the years, we have achieved many things in the area of humanitarianism, beginning with the countless pro bono translations we have done for many different languages and causes, buying sleeping mattresses and art supplies for those in need and building a playground set for a kindergarten, as well as financially supporting women activists all over the world, and more recently, collecting donations for Ukrainian soldiers.

As we have matured, we have learned the power of concentrated and focussed efforts and therefore, after doing some soul searching, have decided to stay true to what we believe is at the core of global happiness and wellbeing.

In this regard, we would like to make a promise to continue practicing these 3 actions: love, move and include.

Importance of mental and physical health

Every year we will choose several important projects or initiatives to collaborate with and will begin others ourselves, to promote inclusivity and shine a light on the importance of mental and physical health.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank every customer, linguist and team member for playing their part in helping us bring our good works to fruition.

Each order contributes to our initiative of “love, move, include”.

Thank You!

Together we will – love, move and include.
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