Translation company LMI Translations - translation sevices in Riga
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Translation company LMI Translations - translation sevices in Riga

About us

LMI Translations is a translation company with almost 20 years of experience providing a diverse range of language services to businesses across the world.

We are a team of professional, friendly, and highly-skilled project managers, vendor managers, linguists, IT specialists, SEO and digital marketing experts on a mission to help you grow your business, sell more products and services and conquer new markets.

Brand Story

Language builds bridges and overcomes borders. It is an essential instrument necessary to speak to one's heart. From the time of its foundation, LMI Translations has been providing a helping hand to friends, family, and clients. LMI’s founder, Kristīne grew up with a passion for languages and at the age of 18, with the support of her family, started LMI, which was later to become her cherished second home. As someone who did not consider herself the best communicator, she was able to see that many businesses were experiencing similar struggles. Kristīne understood that when people are closed off, they experience sadness and loneliness and realised that the same isolation occurs in businesses. When they do not open up and present themselves to their international target audience, they stagnate and do not experience growth in sales and other aspects. Despite being dyslexic and having ADHD, Kristīne set herself on a journey of endurance and self-development. She learned to build bridges and overcame cross-border issues to achieve her dream of shattering language barriers for herself and her clients.

The scale of operations and workload have consistently experienced growth and the business has gone through many changes. The only thing that has remained the same is the company’s personal touch in conducting business and establishing new relationships, which is what makes LMI a relationship-first, results-focused, omni-translation company that values long-term cooperation with B2B clients, never shying away from individuals in the B2C sector who require urgent help. By creating tailored and innovative linguistic solutions for each project LMI ensures a smooth path for tasks to achieve desired results. LMI is known to package its services in a “bundle of care”. Helping their clients not only with translations but also with research, analysis, management, viewing things from a broader perspective, and going the extra mile for deliveries.

Translation company LMI Translations - Brand Story

LMI is always one "hello" away from connecting you to the world and bringing language to business.


To make international business, sales, and legal matters successful and accessible to as many businesses as possible.


We help our clients turn content into value so they can become successful in the international market. We achieve this by providing them with outstanding language services based on in-depth study, data, linguistic ability, industry research and the latest technology.


  • We are solution finders (we truly care!)
  • We are enthusiastic, happy, supportive and creative (we love what we do and who we do it with)
  • We are over-performers (we keep our word, and over-deliver)
  • We are lifelong learners (the world is changing and evolving, and so are we)

Translation company LMI Translations - translation sevices in Riga

We are extremely satisfied with the work done by LMI Translations. This translation agency works on a superior level and ensures high-quality translations on time and in accordance with our requirements, style, and terminology guidelines. Furthermore, the responsive people working at the agency are ready to communicate and prepare a high-quality translation on a tight schedule, allowing us to use the translation timeously.

Thank you!

9 benefits of working with
LMI Translations


Increased revenue and larger market share:

9 out of 10 internet users prefer to read and purchase from your website when information is provided in their native language. Localisation equals growing trust and inclusion.


Peace of mind:

We take care of all language translations, instructions, and tedious manual tasks so that you can focus on your core business. Systems, tools, and processes are set up to handle translation tasks and data across multiple platforms and time zones.

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Delivering timeously to allow you to market your products effectively and efficiently. Simultaneous translation tasks for 70+ languages.

LMI Translations - ISO-certified translation services, insurance against errors
LMI Translations - ISO-certified translation services, insurance against errors
LMI Translations - ISO-certified translation services, insurance against errors
LMI Translations - member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
LMI Translations - member of the European Translation Industry Association
Translation agency LMI Translations - member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Translation company LMI Translations - member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia
The translation company LMI Translations is implementing a project supported by the European Regional Development Fund
Translation company LMI Translations - translation sevices in Riga
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