Fintech & Blockchain

Keep your business at the forefront of advancements with fintech and blockchain technology.

At LMI, we help businesses in the Fintech and Blockchain industry localise their products by translating them into different languages so that they can expand their reach. As experts in the field, we know what is required for software or an app to succeed in a foreign market. Our multilingual masters can help you with software and app localisation, website localisation, agreements & contracts, legal documentation, and much more.

Currently, financial services and processes are being enhanced, optimised, and automated so that users can enjoy a smooth and convenient operations process. However, how will your users be able to feel comfortable using your services if you don't communicate with them in their language?

One of the biggest problems the fintech and blockchain industry face is scalability. To be scalable, you need to increase your market reach. This is where our localisation experts come in. Our multilinguists are not only talented in languages, but are also industry specialists, so you can rest assured that your software, app, and website will be optimised and ready to launch in any large market of your choosing. Be it China, South America, or Japan, LMI's Project Managers will assemble the best team for your company's needs.

Blockchain technology is truly revolutionising the fintech industry. With the added advantages of protecting against fraud and removing third parties from transactions, our clients are able to make their UX significantly more enjoyable for their customers. With such rapid changes taking place, new Fintech and Blockchain terms are continuously being coined. Therefore, it is vital for users to know exactly what is going on when they are dealing with international payments and other important aspects of finances. When it comes to finances, there is no room for ambiguities.

So, it makes a lot of sense for businesses, individuals, and even governments to offer services and products in the client’s native language. Do not hesitate to send us a letter with your vision and goals! We will gladly quote you.
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