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When regular translation is not quite enough, localisation is used to tailor your content to fit a specific market.

How can your regular translation process not be enough? Picture a French company that exports their goods or services to Spain. They already have everything they need translated into Spanish and their marketing department reports that customers are responding well to their product in Spain. After all, 9 out of 10 buyers ignore products if they are not presented in the buyer’s native language*. The company is now ready to enter the market across seas in another Spanish-speaking country — Mexico. However, the Spanish used in Spain and the Spanish used in Mexico are, in fact, quite different in ways that speakers in both countries would identify immediately. Phrasing, locally used terminology, culturally appropriate references, images, and colours. All of this determines whether your content will be adopted by your target audience or discarded as foreign and “not for them”. Reusing the content used for Spain verbatim is not recommended because of this and retranslating everything from scratch will inflate your translation costs beyond recognition.

This is where the LMI Translations localisation service comes into play. We produce content that fits what your audience expects to a tee, thus creating trust in your content and brand, and we can do it from the material you already have translated. Our project managers and localisation experts carefully analyse, edit, rewrite, and make recommendations about parts of your content to make sure it lands in your target market exactly the way you intend it to, ultimately driving conversion.

Not sure whether you need translation or localisation? Want to find out which languages you need to start your presence in a specific market and get more sales? Get in touch with us to receive a free localisation consultation. Start now and make your business local. Worldwide.

* “A Study of Online Buyer Behavior and How Language Affects User Choice”, Nimdzi