When it comes to getting the right message across, sometimes you need more than just a simple translation. This is where localisation comes in handy. Our localisation experts adapt the text to sound as if it was originally written in your audience's native language while keeping the existing tone, style and message. The final result is that you’ll be speaking to the heart of your customers, making them trust your brand and thus request your services. People appreciate familiarity, so, for example, if you have a Spanish-speaking audience, the message will sound very different in Mexico vs Spain. Not sure whether you need localisation or a translation? Feel free to contact us!

Localisation requires in-depth knowledge and the skill of transcreation of the language and culture it comes from while remaining in keeping with its style, tone and message.

Our expert linguists are experienced and highly educated.

A localisation is required to speak to the heart of the end user. When in Rome do as the Romans do!

We provide a translation and a lifelong service guarantee for any job, short or long-term.

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Website localisation

Your website is ready to go, but where is it “going” and who is it reaching?

Our website localisation includes way more than just translating the texts and the “buy” button. It involves HTML translation, SEO keyword translation and optimisation, and culturally appropriate and correct translation of the website's content.

Did you know that website localisation can increase search traffic by 47%, boost website visits by 70% and increase conversion rates by 20%? Plus, you’ll also avoid hasty bad-for-business translations. To entice you even more, by localising your website in 12 major languages, your business has the potential to reach 90% of the globe! Don’t lose 9 out of 10 customers by having a poorly localised website.

Software & App localisation

Are you ready to expand your app reach in different markets? Do you want more thumb-swipes than a dating app?

We provide the best localisation for any software and app developer on the market that strives to bridge the gap between your potential customer and you. From e-commerce platforms to your personal website client portals, our services include building custom solutions that will make your website not only look great but also substantially boost your conversion rate. We are also familiar with a wide range of file formats such as XML with RegEx and can agree to keep the same character count so that your previously established design remains intact. Our experts will take into account the text direction, local currency, cultural context, and even which colours your target audience likes and dislikes. A properly localised app vastly increases its downloads and accessibility.

Video Game localisation

Win over new players across the globe and don't miss out! Localising your game content shouldn’t be a gamble.

People enjoy playing games where they don’t have to guess the game rules set in a foreign language. Increase your revenue and player base by localising your game and decreasing your expenses on customer support.

If you are a gaming service provider, localising your game will make it resonate with your end user and immerse them in the game even more. Localisation is a multi-dimensional effort that involves developing your game according to your target audience's culture and language, to build trust and reach higher engagement and play-time.

Additionally, we offer SEO consultations for in-depth analysis of your game's performance on search engine results.
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