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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services by translation company SIA “LMI Translations”, reg. No. 40103178123

Updated on 13 March 2023


Translation Company — SIA “LMI Translations”.

Customer — any person or entity using the services of SIA “LMI Translations”.

Order — translation, interpreting, localization, revision, review, layout, etc. services provided by SIA “LMI Translations”.

AvSource text — original material submitted by the Customer.

Source language — language of the Source Text.

Target text — result of the Translation Company’s work, the translated/revised material.

Target language — language, into which the Source Text shall be translated.

These Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services shall enter into force when a Customer makes an Order at the Translation Company in any format, and these Terms and Conditions shall constitute an integral part of any Order and any other agreement concluded between the Customer and the Translation Company.

Submitting an Order to the Translation Company and Preparation of a Quote

  • 1. Customers may submit their Orders to the Translation Company electronically, using courier services, via mail or at the office of the Translation Company.
  • 2. When receiving an Order during working hours, the Translation Company shall confirm the receipt thereof electronically or via phone as soon as possible (but not later than within an hour).
  • 3. The Translation Company shall prepare a Quote and send it to the Customer, specifying the volume, planned deadline, costs, source and target languages, as well as the method and format of delivery.
  • 4. By accepting a Quote of the Translation Company, the Customer accepts its conditions and undertakes to pay the price specified in the Quote for the work.
  • 5. The Translation Company shall undertake to execute to Order by the agreed deadline and in the specified language(s).
  • 6. If a Customer submits an incomplete, illegible material or material of bad quality, the Translation Company may refuse to execute the Order or execute it as far as possible.
  • 7. If a Customer orders the translation of a material that is partially illegible, the Translation Company shall not be responsible for possible shortcomings in the translation due to the quality of the source text.
  • 8. When placing an Order, the Customer must specify the purpose of use of the material (for example, publishing, for informational purposes only, etc.) so that the Translation Company can provide a proper set of services. The Translation Company shall not assume responsibility for any consequences caused by the Customer not specifying the purpose of use of the ordered material or specifying improper purpose of use.
  • 9. The Customer shall be obliged to provide and send to the Translation Company any instructions, informational materials, reference materials, illustrative materials, previous translations of high quality, explanations, term lists etc. if the Customer has any such materials, so that the Translation Company can ensure services of high quality, especially when the Customer uses specific terminology.

  • Delivery of Completed Orders to Customers

    1. The Translation Company shall deliver completed Orders to Customers using the agreed method – e-mail, mail or courier services, or hands over the documents to the Customer at the office.

    2. The Customer shall undertake to accept the delivered Order and confirm the receipt as soon as possible.

    3. If the Customer has not confirmed the receipt and has not asked about the Order via either phone or e-mail, the Translation Company shall assume that the Customer has received the Order.

    4. If it has not been possible to deliver the Order to the Customer by the agreed deadline due to justifiable reasons, the Translation Company shall inform the Customer as soon as possible about the situation and, if possible, agree upon a new deadline for delivering the Order.

    5. If the Translation Company falls behind the agreed delivery deadline without justifiable reasons, the Customer shall have the right to ask for a discount of 0.1% of the total amount of the Order for each day of delay, but not more than 10% of the total amount of the Order.

    Deadlines, Costs and Payment Procedure

    1. The deadline for delivery of the Order shall be specified in the Translation Company’s Quote.

    2. In certain cases, the Translation Company shall undertake to carry out translation tasks on weekends, applying a higher rate, which is agreed with the Customer in advance.

    3. Costs of each Order shall be specified in the Translation Company’s Quote.

    4. The Translation Company shall have the right to ask for an advance payment for an Order, agreeing upon it with the Customer in advance.

    5. After delivering an Order, the Translation Company shall issue an invoice to the Customer.

    6. If the invoice is not paid by the specified due date, the Translation Company shall send a written reminder or call the Customer to remind about the unpaid invoice. If the payment is not made in 2 (two) days after receiving the reminder, the Translation Company may use legal methods for debt recovery. The Customer must cover all related expenses.

    7. If the Customer asks the Contractor to issue the invoice for a received service to another legal person or individual and the payment of the invoice is delayed, the Customer shall fulfil the financial obligations. The Contractor has full rights to issue the invoice to the Customer.  


    1. The Translation Company shall assume responsibility for the quality of its services and customer service.

    2. In cases when obvious errors have been found in the final result of the Order, the Customer shall be entitled to notify the Translation Company about this and the Translation Company shall eliminate the identified errors at its own expense.

    3. The Translation Company shall be obliged to respond and review the objections received from the Customer.

    4. The Translation Company shall not assume responsibility for non-fulfilment of its obligations due to force majeure circumstances, including pandemic, natural disasters, fires, floods, earthquakes, wars, riots, strikes, acts of civil or military authorities, etc. force majeure circumstances.

    5. The Translation Company’s liability shall never exceed the amount of money paid to the Translation Company by the Customer.

    Mutual Confidentiality

    1. The Translation Company shall ensure confidentiality of all Orders, except for cases when the Customer or third parties have published the information included in the Order prior to submitting this information to the Translation Company.

    2. The Translation Company transmits the information received from the Customer only to the parties involved in the fulfilment of the Order who have signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Translation Company and the received information may also be processed in the language industry systems and software used by the Translation Company, the data security assurance procedures of which have been verified by the Translation Company. The systems and software include tools for creating terminology lists, determining the amount of words, determining the amount of repetitions, automated translation, MTPE, DTP and high-quality implementation of other services provided by the Translation Company.

    3. If necessary, the Translation Company shall draw up a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed by the Translation Company and the Customer.

    4. The Customer shall undertake not to contact translators/interpreters/revisers and other specialists of the Translation Company without a written consent thereof.

    5. If the Customer has been allowed to contact the Translation Company’s language service providers, the Customer shall undertake not to disclose any information related to the Customer’s and Translation Company’s transactions and cooperation agreement as well as not to hire the Translation Company’s subcontractors directly.

    Data Security

    1. The Translation Company shall undertake to protect all personal data of its Customers available to it in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

    2. Data will be processed fairly and lawfully; solely for the specific purposes approved by the Customer; data will be updated and deleted regularly; data will be adequately protected and will not be stored for longer than necessary.

    3. Customers shall have the right to withdraw its consent to data processing; the right to access their data; the right to object to data processing or not to allow it; the right to rectify their data; the right to withdraw from direct marketing offers; the right to data portability.

    4. If a Customer wants to delete or change their data stored in the systems of LMI Translations, they shall contact the Translation Company’s Data Protection Officer by writing to [email protected] or calling (+371) 67275623, GSM: (+371) 26334621.

    5. Detailed information on personal data protection is available in the Translation Company’s Privacy Policy.


    1. The Translation Company shall transfer to the Customer all substantive and intangible copyrights to all the results of the Translation Company’s services as of the moment when the Translation Company has received full payment for the services rendered.

    Submitting Complaints

    1. Customers may submit their complaints to the Translation Company, if the latter has not delivered the work by the agreed deadline, there are obvious mistakes in the delivered work, or other, previously agreed specific instructions have not been complied with (formatting, layout, etc.).

    2. The Translation Company shall be obliged to respond to the received complaints as soon as possible.

    3. The Translation Company shall not be responsible for losses incurred by a Customer due to mistakes or inaccuracies in the SOURCE material.

    4. Complaints shall be submitted in writing.

    5. In their complaint, the Customer must clearly state the reason, mentioning all the shortcomings or specific errors, supplying as much evidence as possible.

    6. If the Translation Company recognizes the complaint as justified, it shall eliminate the mistakes free of charge or give the Customer a discount, which shall be agreed upon between the Translation Company and the Customer.

    7. Complaints, where the Customer is unable to justify their objections, shall not be taken into consideration.

    8. Any disputes shall be resolved through negotiations as far as possible.

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