Tech, Engineering & Consumer Electronics

The technology, engineering and consumer electronic fields are some of the fastest growing sectors in the world and because of this, are also amongst those most desperately in need of translation services.

As these industries are leaders in ground-breaking technology, there is a growing demand for accurate translations of relevant technical information and terminology. However, since this information is precise and often complicated and unclear, tech companies and innovators must be certain that their translators are experienced and professional enough to convey the information flawlessly.

LMI Translations has vast experience in translating technical manuals and specifications, working drawings, specialised publicity materials and marketing texts made for the consumer electronics and tech industries. For over 10 years, we have covered documents designed for relatively simple devices like headphones, smartphones and other home appliances, through to complex materials covering construction, agricultural and manufacturing processes.

Through it all, we help clients utilise our technical wizardry in Computer-aided Translation and Translation Memory applications, assuring that they can count on pivotal technical terms being translated identically and consistently throughout long projects.

Advantages like these not only guarantee greater accuracy in projects that demand it but can save money for longer-term clients.

LMI Translations can offer the expertise to ensure that technical translation projects run as smoothly as possible.
Trust us, we are (translation) engineers!

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