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Our Services

Tech, Engineering and Consumer Electronics

The technology, engineering and consumer electronic fields are some of the fastest growing sectors in the world. As important and ground-breaking technological breakthroughs are increasingly made across the world, there is a growing demand for accurate translations of the relevant technical information and specifications. LMI:T can offer the technical expertise to ensure that tech translation projects run as smooth as possible.

Life Sciences

The content of life sciences texts affect us all; typical subject matters often include medical or pharmacological information that could save and enrich lives around the world. The grave importance of this information means that translations must be absolutely accurate. We have many years of experience translating important scientific documents, particularly those related to physiology, pharmacy and other life science fields.

Software and Game Localisation

“All your base are belong to us” – although poorly phrased dialogue is amusing and memorable, it is a poor reflection on the quality of otherwise excellent games and cutting-edge software solutions. LMI Translations is an experienced tech, software and video game localiser and translator. We are familiar with the industries themselves, and have the knowledge and experience necessary to know how to communicate key concepts in a way that consumers or experts will understand.

Legal Documentation

Although documents like contracts, patents, disclaimers and confidentiality agreements are key components of everyday life, keeping them legally valid and clear in another language is a challenge. LMI Translations is an experienced legal translator, with qualified and knowledgeable staff on hand to help you translate your all-important files accurately.


On a day-to-day basis, there often are situations where our company needs translations promptly, plus their quality must be on a consistently high level. LMI Translations provides our company with accurate translations of high quality that are finished within the agreed deadlines. We are completely satisfied with the quality of the services and the level of customer service received, and we will continue to cooperate with LMI Translations in the future.

We are very satisfied with the work of LMI Translations. This company works on a superior level and provides high-quality translations tailored to our requirements. Special thanks go out to LMI’s impressively responsive project management team.

We are completely satisfied with the work of LMI Translations. The deadlines are always met, the staff is welcoming and professional, while the translation quality is high.

We have been cooperating with LMI Translations for a short time, but we are already convinced of the quality LMI stands for and their ability to always meet deadlines.

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We are certified

“LMI Translations” is certified and provides translation services in accordance with the comprehensive ISO 17100:2015 quality standard. In contrast with ISO 9001, this standard was designed for the translation and localisation industry specifically and is tied closely to all translation processes. Its main purpose is to boost and maintain a higher level of quality and client service. The standard strictly regulates the way we handle translation projects (starting from our initial contact with the client all the way to post-production), and lays down stringent qualification and experience requirements for our vendors.

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