Machine translation is becoming an integral part of the localisation industry. What is machine translation or MT? The most commonly known MT tool is Google Translate. However, there are many MT engines out there and our experts will use the one that fits your industry the best.

MT can be used for an initial translation at a low cost when time is of the essence and the text is lengthy. Nevertheless, as it stands, it is not completely accurate. We need actual human translators to review and correct the machine output to ensure quality and consistency.

At LMI we provide post-editing services to make sure your translation is of the highest quality possible, perfectly suited for your target market audience and delivered on time. Request a quote


A cross-section correction of MT produced translation. Useful for getting messages across on a surface level, such as using it internally for IT tickets, chat rooms and translating reviews left by foreign-speaking users.


Full post-editing of MT produced translation using the latest translation technology to ensure a correct and understandable translation, to lower the cost and save time.
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