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Revision & Review


Revision is the process of checking a translation against the source text. In LMI Translations’ revision projects, this work is done by experienced and careful revisers who not only look for possible errors and inconsistencies in the text, but also improve the translation stylistically and make sure it is relevant to the respective type and purpose of the text. Given that the translation is compared to the source text, this type of check is more time-consuming and thorough than review, which only involves checking the translation.

LMI Translations offers revision services both for 3rd party translations and as an additional service in our translation projects where a truly flawless result is required.


Have you prepared a document for submission to a government authority but you are not sure that the text is correct? Or maybe you made an important presentation in a foreign language to your business partners and want a professional to review and polish it up?

Do not risk wasting your time and use our review services!

At LMI Translations, review is done by careful and knowledgeable reviewers who check the grammar and style of the translation, as well as its correspondence to the type and purpose of the text.