Legal Documentation and Finances

Although documents like contracts, patents, disclaimers and confidentiality agreements are essential components of everyday life, keeping them legally valid and clear in multiple languages is a challenge. Not only does every language have its own legal terms, but so does every country. To gain an understanding of what you’re dealing with here, there are 21 Spanish-speaking countries alone. Failure to correctly convey key concepts across languages and cultures could result in the document being legally void in certain countries!
At LMI Translations, we are equipped with a team of experienced legal translators who will help you translate your invaluable files accurately, from contracts, agreements, reports, patents and hearing transcripts to decision transcripts. We have done it all and so have our linguists. Trust in our skills and leave the legal jargon to us.
As an added bonus, we are also a partner of several Latvian notaries. This means that we are able to quickly and effortlessly have our translated documents notarised and legalised upon request.

You can be certain that your projects will never be left without the stamps and signatures necessary to keep them within the scope of national laws.

Leave us to worry about the finer details, while you get back to taking care of your chief business.
Check out some of our available services to improve your customer’s experience:

  • Agreements & contracts
  • Legal documentation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Tax legislation
  • Marketing materials
  • Manuals and guides
  • Software and app localisation
  • Website localisation
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